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Excerpt from Notebook 5: "The Hissing of Summer Lawns"

[Note: The title of this entry was originally written in English in the notebook; I did not translate it. This happens with a few other entries, all of which seem to be musical references.]


B: Okay, go.

A: What are we doing again?

F: No, not you. K. is doing this.

A: Why is K. suddenly our fearless leader?

K: Because I am the one going through with this endeavor. Please be quiet.

T: Oh my god, 'endeavor'. I'd forgotten how weird you talk.

F: Yes, yes, K. is weirder than the rest of us put together--

N: Okay I seriously doubt that--

B: Okay, guys! Come on. This is for posterity. For the ages. Someday this will be important, probably. Okay, go.

K: [pause] Well. As we all know [laughter], this began in '99, when we realized that we were not going to be together forever after E. suddenly up and left. Back then our records of our travails in this cesspool we like to call our city consisted of little more than a few cassettes of recording and even fewer transcripts. Back then, X was our... uh, treasurer?

T: Well you really shouldn't speak of the dead so lightly.

A: Shut up.

K: Okay. After 2001 all of that material was lost for reasons that are painful to recall. We don't have to make a record of that. Do we have to make a record of that?

B: No. Just keep going.

K: Okay. It is now 2002 and we have decided that we are going to compile our findings in a series of books which will be kept by B., our new... uh, treasurer? Are you okay with that?

B: Whatever.

F: He's okay with it.

K: So... Starting on this day, we will record everything that we have and will continue to refer to as "Weird Shit". Let me leave for the record that I did not come up with this term and happen to have extremely vulgar friends.

A: That's funny.

N: Come on, stop.

K: [Loud sigh] I wanted to name this project "The Sand Notebooks", because it is a much more elegant reference, not to mention extremely fitting.

B: What is that? Borges?

F: Yes, it's a Borges story.

T: I only ever read him in school. I liked the one about the library.

K: Well. Whatever it ends up being. On this day we have decided to continue exploring these avenues and record them, if somewhat haphazardly, and B. will keep them. And that's all.

B: We should probably keep a record of who is here and participating in all this.

F: Well, I guess the official group is B., T., A., K., our lovely new member N...

N: Nice one--

F: And myself. F. [Pause] Where's D.?

T: At the wake.

F: Oh.

K: So yes. That's it. Wait, what about J.?

T: Guys, J. is scared of most of you. I can talk to him if you want but no way he's gonna hang out with the whole group.

B: It doesn't really matter. Honorary member.

A: That's so stupid.

K: Okay, I have to go. Keep the notebooks at your place where your family won't find them or anything because I would be deathly embarrassed. We would all be.

F: But B.'s mom is so nice. [Laughter]

B: Okay! That's all we needed. Since cassettes are no longer a safe medium I'm gonna type this up later and--[End]

L.B.'s Considerations

This excerpt is important, as it all but confirms my brother's friends' involvement in this, and is also where the name for this blog comes from. It also sheds light on the alleged purpose of keeping these notebooks, and reveals why my brother had them in his room.

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