lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Excerpt from Notebook 4: "Warning, Goodbye"

1. The killings were misguided. The intention was good. He is out of control. F.'s house stinks of it. That. It stinks of death.

2. The day store is not safe. Don't associate yourself with the girl. If you do, don't go at it alone.

3. NP has your numbers. I thought you gave out fake information. Why didn't you? They've been calling my house all day. Why did you give them my number? What else did you give them?

4. I dreamed of a man locked in a second floor room, with a family living below, locked inside his body, stuck in a bathtub covered in ice. I've been dreaming a lot of N. ever since he left us. I know that it's difficult to hear.

5. E. has been talking to me online. She wants me to listen to some music she made.

6. N.'s funeral is in [____], [____] St., the 21st of this month, 7:00 am sharp. You will be there.

7. I didn't know about D.'s statues at the time. I deduced it because of what happened with F.

I won't be adding entries to the notebooks anymore. Sorry.

- K.


This is one of the few signed entries in the notebooks. There aren't any other signed entries by K., before or after this one.

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