miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

I found it.

After reading "Faith Healing, Part Two," I started to wonder if the picture mentioned could be anywhere. I looked again in the hole under the floorboard in my brother's room, where I originally found the notebooks. It was tucked away in a corner. I found something else, too, that I had missed the first time. I apologize for the bad quality, but it's been clearly crumpled up and folded over many times and I had to wipe a lot of dust out so it would scan properly.

I have been re-reading some entries after looking at this picture.

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  1. This has probably occurred to you before, but I'd like to make a connection between this cult and one of the stories you posted earlier.

    It was the one with the girl, who snuck into some private property with a friend of hers, and found a multitude of birds, and got attacked by a dog. Is it possible the owners of that property had been attached to the cult?

    Then again, I guess it's easy to draw connections that don't belong once you start looking for them. Like the Chinese store with all the rats-- would they be linked to the cult's idea that they serves as guardians in any way?

    I'm somewhat dismayed at all the weirdness where you live. That has to be disconcerting.

  2. I made the same connection when I first read that part.

    If we're going to assume these aren't just coincidences, we have already heard of the large birds and dog (?) that T. and J. encountered and the insects that appeared in the bathroom of the Miranda supermarket. Then there's the rats in the mom & pop store and under the kiosk owned by their daughter as well as mentions of a "rat king," whatever that means. And now, the snake egg from the NP and this dog killing business. We'll have to see where those lead, I suppose.

    It's actually a bit scary how all these stories which we originally thought were just separate instances of weirdness are actually shaping up to be very intimately connected. I wasn't expecting that at all. Makes me wonder what sort of group the Cult of Adoration really is...

  3. Nils, good points. I forgot about the bugs in the supermarket. But the question is, how is the music attached to the bugs?

    Okay, I'm going to actually extend this a bit further. So far, the entries have suggested this is a somewhat modern, faddish cult.

    However, it might go deeper. Sure, this particular incarnation of the cult may be modern, with adapted and altered beliefs, but.... it may be something that's gone on for thousands of years.

    The reason why I say this is that I recall one of the entries talking about an ancient Aztec or Mayan ritual (I apologize profusely for not remembering which, as my working knowledge south of the States is profoundly lacking).

    At any rate, I bring this up because it was talking about an ancient Aztec/Mayan deity to whom one would make sacrifices. If I recall correctly, the ritual called for a bird? Either that, or the kids simply chose a swan to sacrifice.

    In the diagram above, birds' status are "virgins". Uniformly, virgins are sacrificed in pretty much every religion and culture.

    So this cult may very well have been indigenous to the land for thousands of years, although some of the older beliefs and practices may have been wiped out by time and invaders. What the area has now may be a somewhat watered down version of the original cult.

    I'll bet my ass on it.

    I'm gonna make one more connection: the bugs in the supermarket. If the bugs are "legion", this could very well denote or symbolism humanity or life forms in general. If the bugs are somehow attached to the last tape-- from what I understand, the most abstract of them all-- it could very well have been some kind of ritual music. "Legion" could mean the legion of faithful to the cult.

    Okay, I'm out.

  4. Maybe this Dog Killer was with one of these groups X mentioned? Maybe they see the dog as some sort of front against them?

  5. Okay, one last thing-- L.B, are you from Portugal, or Brazil?

    I ask, because my ass is getting all kinds of turned around trying to figure out whether or not this cult was something that could have been homegrown, or was imported.

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  7. @Sionnan: Brazil.

    Regarding all the theorizing, I really don't know what to think. I've found instances of these animals in many entries, as have you. I'm just going to have to keep digging.

  8. L.B.-- this Clan of Adoration, is it anything like Candomble?

    And fuck me if I didn't look back to the one entry about X getting roughed up by the Brutalostas (sp? Brutalists) behind Cafe Haiti.

    Each of the animals in the diagram seems to have their own cult, if I'm connecting this correctly. The dogs are connected to the Brutalists (yay Latin-based language training has finally come in handy).

    Could some of this be warfare in between the sects of the Clan of Adoration? For example, the dog killings-- they could very well have been slayings to mess with the Brutalists.

    My question is, if these dogs are regarded as enemies to the snakes, why are they still part of the Clan of Adoration, especially if the Snake is the highest order of the Clan? The Brutalists still are part of the Clan, considering those guys were wearing snake tattoos.

  9. L.B., what happened man?
    Did you get into another accident? o.O

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  11. Well, I guess this is the point where we begin to bitch and moan. We haven't forgotten about you, L.B.!

  12. I just discovered this story and read the entire thing thus far. It is phenomenal. Please update again soon!

  13. I, too, just finished this and... I gotta admit... I think I might have become mildly obsessed with this project. It is staggering in scope, immensely gripping, and haunting beyond belief. I hope you'll continue transcribing these stories soon. I'm afraid I might join some of your other followers in visiting this blog multiple times each week, desperately searching for further updates.

    I hope all is well.

  14. Cults....
    Strange people talking about worshipping strange creatures. Animals.

    Ants and other insects use a hivemind. They are legion.

    Doves are often thought of as a sign of peace and purity. they are virgin.

    Most snakes warn those trespassing against them before biting, like a man challenging another to a duel. They are noble.

    Rats flee, but when protecting something or someone they care about, they are vicious fighters. They are guardians.

    Dogs....Dogs can smell fear, and sense the otherworldly so the legends say. Control over them through otherworldly means might be impossible...Therefore making them "Null"

    Cults...Nulls...I wonder if it has anything to do with 'It'. Its not likely, but I don't think anything is impossible anymore.

    This cult may still exist L.B.

    You may want to start carrying a weapon, should they decide you are becoming bothersome.

    I'll observe, I'm not sure if I can do anything to help piece together this puzzle, but I will try.

  15. Also, don't forget the bird that A and B killed, the goose. That's the first thing I thought about when I read that part.

    Man, I hope you come back, this is very interesting... I don't even care if it is fake anymore.

  16. I'm reading, please keep posting

  17. Sorry Rwar. It's been almost a year since the last update, and while I still come back in hopes of finding a new entry, I'm pretty sure this is over. :(

  18. This is one of the best things I've ever read on the internet. A creepypasta, indeed, but so much more at the same time... That nostalgic/bittersweet/weird feeling really got me.

    If the author read this, I would suggest him to write a book or something. :)


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